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Doff N' Donner, Donner and Cone Applicator

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The Doff N Donner is a brilliant new donning and doffing device for compression stockings and arm sleeves of every type and style. This innovative product is comprised of a cone and rolling donner. Together, any compression garment, can be ‘loaded’ on the rolling donner and then easily applied to an extremely. Amazingly easy and tremendously helpful, no other donning device offers a comparably useful solution to this age old challenge.

Discount Cash Price: $87.84

Manufacturers Line: Doff N' Donner
Packaging: 1 EA per Box
Availability: In Stock
Order Restriction: None

  • 2 Component Device: Cone and Donner
  • Apply to any Size Extremity
  • Use with any Stocking or Sleeve
  • Use with any Open or Closed Garment

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