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JoViPak®, Hip Hugger, Combo, Custom

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Please welcome the JoViPak® Hip Hugger Combi! Large and or obese individuals who have lymphedema in the upper leg and hips have difficulty keeping the thigh garment in position. They frequently have difficulty with donning an outer compressive garment which provides adequate therapeutic benefit. This Hip Hugger Combi combines the JoViJacket into the stitching of the Hip Hugger. It does not have the hip padding of the standard Hip Hugger but does have an extension at the hip and waist with Nylon Techseen Spandex® wrap-around abdominal stabilizer which is lined with Organic Cotton/Lycra®. This design style allows this garment to be worn during the day, and is designed for convenient toileting.

Discount Cash Price: $800.00

Manufacturers Line: JoViPak Hip Hugger
Packaging: 1 EA per Box
Availability: Custom Order
Order Restriction: None

  • Available in Ready-Made and Made-to-Measure


  • Lymphedema
  • Lipedema


  • Peripheral arteriosclerotic disease.
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Active untreated infection

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