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JoViPak®, Boxer, (DG), Custom

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The JoViPak® Boxer extends from mid-thigh to high waist (transverse watershed) and is available for both males and females. Ideal for the patient with hip, gluteal and genital swelling. Custom Boxers end at mid-thigh or approximately 6” below groin, unless otherwise specified. All boxers come with zippered opening. If the Boxer will be worn with leg garment (AF1 W/Cuff), full length JoViJacket can be ordered and will help hold the two garments together as one unit. Refer to measuring form and note that longer lengths require additional measurements.

Discount Cash Price: $900.00

Manufacturers Line: JoViPak Boxer
Packaging: 1 EA per Box
Availability: Custom Order
Order Restriction: None

  • Available in Ready-Made and Made-to-Measure


  • Lymphedema
  • Lipedema


  • Peripheral arteriosclerotic disease.
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Active untreated infection

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