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Arion, Easy-Slide

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The Arion Easy-Slide® stocking donning aid is a highly effective, easy-to-use application aid for putting on the most difficult open-toe compression stockings. Easy-Slide is made from very smooth material, which has been treated with a special coating. Together with the dual-layer application, this coated material creates a super-smooth aid that reduces friction significantly. The friction reduction of Easy-Slide helps minimize the physical strain otherwise experienced by caregivers and patients. In turn, this has a positive effect on the therapy compliance of patients. Also, with clear and simple instructions-for-use, patients can enjoy the freedom and convenience of independently donning compression hosiery for a long time.

Discount Cash Price: $27.99

Manufacturers Line: Arion Easy Slide
Packaging: 1 EA per Box
Availability: In Stock
Order Restriction: None

  • Prolongs the life of the stocking
  • Easy to transport
  • Washable
  • Putting on stockings without effort
  • Highest quality at the best price

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